Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

How can we even explain how much we did today?! We slept in again so that we would be well-rested to start off our day kayaking!

After getting some food at the kayak place (they had a restaurant upstairs), we went over to the Experience Music Project, which included: the history of guitars, Jimi Hendrix exhibit, and then of course...singing booths..

Knowing us we were hungry by then, so we got a cheap bite to eat over at Dick's, where they have $1 burgers.

Then we went to the Jazz Alley, where Greg Adams (an awesome trumpeter) had a great concert. We hurried after the concert to eat at an Amy Johnson-recommended restaurant called "The Pink Door". Food was great, and there was also a little trio playing some jazz. Probably one of my favorite days: exercise without knowing, great food, and great music =0)

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