Thursday, January 25, 2007

not hungry

After racquectball today (which i thought the frist game went well, but everything else was jsut ok) i went to Jamba Juice and got a medium sized Light drink. I dunno how many calories or what but light is better than a reg. one. For lunch at 3:20 I had a full turkey sandwich from wolfgang and a liter of water. before class i refilled my bottle and drank most of it during class. today i haven't been really hungry throughout the day but we still have a couple hours to go. i think tonight i will try to eat a "light" dinner. have fun tonight guys :)


Blah. Today's the first time I've fallen asleep in class this school year. By the time Thursdays come around it's difficult because we've already worked out 3 days, plus we've got Wednesday night cardio/weight lifting, and a couple hours later we've got racquetball. Anyway, my diet started today.
  • had a turkey sandwich, small caesar salad
  • hopefully something healthy and small =0)
It's funny b/c I was talking w/Adam about how I would leave my house feeling slimmer, but see myself as the same size (biggie) later on during the day. He said it's b/c we're taller in the morning b/c we stretch out when we sleep, and during the day gravity weighs us down. Hmm!

Weekend's almost here, thank goodness. Finally gonna have some more time to work on the CD.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


It's been awhile b/c I was gone on a retreat this weekend. While it was refreshing to get away from the stress and struggles of everything at USC, I still find I'm battling with my weight.

I'm finding different meanings in the phrase "question yourself". I usually question myself in what I see as a constructive manner, critically for the sake of improvement. Lately, I've been second-guessing myself, unsure of how I'm acting in some superficial situations.
My self-consciousness has reached new highs.

I'm at the ends of this. It's time to move to another stage. I'm too impatient to wait for results of having worked out everyday (three weeks in now).

Starting tomorrow:

  • smaller portions, different foods, a more food-conscious self

  • more efficiency, better organization, a more productive lifestyle

  • pushing the limits of creativity, accumulating knowledge, a well-read, unique perspective

A golden day. I need a brand new start. (ironically from the song Start)