Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Today we decided to relax and sleep in. We started off around 11am with a little walk. We went on a nice trail on a mountain, then we went off-trail where Adam got stuck in some mud, I got some lovely splinters, and Peter up-rooted a tree to make us a bridge to get past a patch of thorns. We got a good work out and eventually found our way back to Peter’s aunt’s house.

After getting cleaned up we went to Downtown Portland and started off with Pike’s Place Market. We got to see the original Starbucks, the place where they throw the fish, tried some AWESOME free salmon, got some lunch, and I got to go to a really cool comic store called Golden Age Collectibles.

Then we headed to the waterfront, explored some, walked to Pioneer’s Square, walked to the flagship Nordstrom’s, and then walked back to the car.

We then drove to Key Arena and cheered on the Sonics!Even though we all don’t really care for them, we felt compelled to as the guy sitting behind us was an annoying Detroit Pistons fan. “Nick Collison!?! You got stuffed by ‘Sheed once, you don’t wanna come back! The ball don’t lie!” And MANY high pitched yells. We still had fun even though they lost. We got to combat him with “The ball DOESN’T lie! Found a weakness! Let it rain!”

We finished the day off with some fish and chips at Ivar’s on the waterfront. Even though it was late, we felt our whole day of walking excused our eating late at night.

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TheProfessionalStudent said...

You guys are awesome! I'm glad you had a good time. :) I hope your last semester rocked. Peace!