Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Here’s what I woke up to (Not much to see, but be sure to turn up your volume!):

Don't be fooled by Peter's appearance, that's ALL Adam.

After waking up in our absolutely funky-smelling fogged-up car, we ate a delicious and healthy breakfast at the rest area.

Since we drove a lot last night, we were able to take our time today.

We drove through the Avenue of Giants and came across this quaint looking tourist stop called “Trees of Mysteries”. Lo and behold, we recognized some of the landmarks from one of our favorite commercials.

We made a quick stop in Eureka (We found it!). Had some good lunch at Hurricane Kate’s, walked around downtown a little bit, and left for our campsite.

Some scenic shots:

We arrived at Redwood Forest around 5pm and got to explore a lot. We skipped stones for awhile and walked along the Smith River. Then, Peter came up with the brilliant idea of going INTO the river. Adam was game, and after lots of convincing, I decided to go too. We all got in and wanted to cry.

After climbing up back to our campsite without shoes, we set up our tent, dinner, and our campfire. We had some personal conversations, played some cards, and then got cozy in our tent.

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